The Disc of Elements

The Disc of Elements


Regarding this new disc Peter Mandel has written:

“From my experience with the three discs of Love (Heart disc), Light (Dream disc), Life (Earth disc), the idea emerged that everything in the material plane, including our bodies, has been created from the four elements.The 5th element Ether is the provider of the impulse and it carries the in-formation from above (information space) into “space time” below.”

Peter Mandel has used this concept for the creation of a fourth disc, which he is calling the “Disc of the Elements”. Due to his observations over the past forty years Peter Mandel is convinced that the four elements are involved in all diseases, pains and complaints. He recognized early on that the four elements correspond to precisely defined reflex zones on the body. These are holographic patterns which contain supra ordinate feedback functions and are thus able to provide regulatory impulses.


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