Synapse Home 2

Synapse Home 2


We are happy to have the opportunity to introduce to you our new Synapsis Home 2, as well as some newly developed programs by Peter Mandel.

After intensive clinical observation Peter Mandel has written five new induction programs.

  1. Conflict resolution program

  2. Gamma program, long, for the resolution of blockages through the power of the meditative vibration

  3. Gamma program, short, for the resolution of blockages through the application in reflex zones

  4. Power nap as a fast regeneration program

  5. Addiction program as a basic program for all forms of addictive diseases

The exact indications can be found here.

As the technical development is moving rapidly, we have decided to develop new soft- and hardware. That way the Synapsis Home 2 is ready for the future.

Nearly unchanged from the outside, the Synapsis Home 2 is filled with technological novelties.

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