The development of the Energy Emission Analysis, or EEA, by Dr. Peter Mandel has been trailblazing. It was preceded by developing Kirlian photography further. With utmost diligence - more than 5 million pictures have been analyzed up to now - Mandel researched the radiation phenomena visible on the photographic paper and created an accurate energetic mapping of phenomena in the photograph correlated to physical, emotional and spiritual health. As a result he gained incredible and previously impossible energy insights into the human individual. Body, mind and spirit became tangible.


The EEA is the first link in the chain of Esogetic holistic methods and at the same time the starting and completion point of patient care. In 1973, Mandel developed this reliable and reproducible energy screening approach, which anybody can subject themselves to without danger.

The EEA gives a holistic insight into all informational/energetic tendencies and disturbances within the system that underlie conditions and which we call "human." It permits us quick comprehension of the overall situation of the patient, the possibility to make more accurate referral for clinical testing and a reliable control measure of therapeutic effectiveness. Any change in the patient's state - for instance during and after a holistic treatment - can immediately be demonstrated and understood.

Energy Screening as a Process of Insight

Solely by using the criteria of radiation quality, radiation phenomenon, localization and relationship of the phenomena to each other, we can recognize a connecting thread, which allows us to draw conclusions about subconscious structures and peculiarities of the individual and track the stress to its source. The symptom is not the priority of our energy screening, the energy screening reveals he cause of the symptom. Another big advantage of the EEA is the assignment of a timeline to events that could be potential causes of conditions -  particularly important in psychosomatic diseases.  The EEA can provide the possibility for early detection and prevention of energetic imbalances that can lead to conditions.

"Insight" in one look

This is the most decisive advantage that the EEA can claim for itself in comparison to many other procedures. The trained EEA screener receives information about a patient's overall body-soul-spirit situation. The EEA allows the immediate distinction as to whether there is an endocrine, toxic or degenerative stress, and at the same time it shows which level - physical, emotional or mental - the holistic therapy has to address. The starting point and the step-by-step development of a holistic treatment plan are therefore no longer accidental, but are a logical result of the recognition of the "overall patient status."Please note: Energy Emission Analysis is not a substitute for proper clinical testing with a licensed medical practitioner. Rather, EEA provides a detailed informational/energetic diagnosis that can reveal the background and causal chain related to a patient's present complaint situation, in conjunction with appropriate clinical tests. This causal chain may then be holistically treatable by means of appropriate holistic therapies developed by Peter Mandel.Click here for information on learning Energy Emission Analysis and click here for information on obtaining an Energy Emission Analysis Camera.  Click here for more information on types of treatment.