This is a twenty-three day course for those interested in becoming Certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioners. Training is conducted on six four-day weekends over a twelve month period. Curriculum includes a large body of treatments, as well as extensive theoretical information and methods for determining treatment protocols. Emphasis is placed on clinical application of treatment systems, as well as demonstrations, hands on practice and personal experience of the therapies.

Cost: $3,000.00 paid in full, $3,200.00 with payment plan.

In overview, the course is designed to articulate Dr. Peter Mandel’s theoretical concept and demonstrate how it can be used to treat disease. He states that for every disease there is a cause that can be understood as some form of “misinformation.” This pattern of misinformation creates energetic dis-regulation that he differentiates into three main aspects: Endocrine, Toxic and Degenerative. These patterns have physical, emotional and mental aspects.

If these energetic patterns are not regulated there are symptomatic consequences. Mandel classifies these symptoms via the four Elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water and he adds Ether to work with therapeutically resistant disorders. Upon successful completion of the six workshops and accompanying examination, students will receive certification as Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioners from the International Mandel Institute.

You will have ample time for practical hands-on experience, point location, treatment exchange, group discussion of treatment effects, case presentation, and exploration of the personal impact of colorpuncture treatments. During the latter part of the training students are encouraged to bring case studies for review. The following are some of the general areas of therapy you will be learning, though this list is by no means inclusive:

  • Pain relief therapies based on Mandel's Converter model and the use of infrared frequencies of light

  • Theories and treatments for the three basic energetic states identified through Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis photography:* Endocrine conditions (hormonal balance)* Toxic conditions (lymphatic regulation & detoxification)* Degenerative energetic states (observed with chronic health problems)

  • Theories and hierarchical treatments for the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of the five meridian pairs.

  • Therapies for regulation of the brain and nervous system for de-stressing and restoring proper regulatory function.

  • Mother/Father principle treatments for clearing parental imprints and balance male/female energies.

  • Prenatal Therapies to clear energetic residue of prenatal and birth trauma.

  • Conflict Resolution therapies for chronic illness.

  • Therapies using soul/spirit colors and the new grey colors.

  • Specific protocols to energetically support the body/mind healing process for symptoms and disorders such as: migraines, bone and joint pain, immune issues, cystitis, ear and eye ailments, systemic and autoimmune diseases, arthritis, lung and bronchial disorders, depression, allergies, and more . . .

In this newly updated course, there is greater emphasis on learning specific protocols for combining Colorpuncture therapies to address particular clinical problems. We will also discuss certain business aspects of establishing and maintaining a Colorpuncture practice including: conducting an intake interview, marketing your practice, etc. You will learn diagnostic methods which can be used in the absence of and in addition to a Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis machine.  Energy Emission Analysis is taught in a separate course that can be taken subsequently or concurrently. 

The breakdown for the six weekend segments is as follows:

Module 1:  In this segment of the Training students are introduced to evaluation techniques used to determine treatment protocols. Systems used include: the tongue, facial physiognomy, and especially the lips and iris reading, including the conjunctiva. They are also taught pressure testing methods for the fingertips, feet and back segments for assessing organ capacity. These methods are largely based in German naturopathic concepts and help Acupuncturists to broaden their evaluation resources. In the later part of this weekend we begin teaching treatments and methodology for hormonal Endocrine imbalances. Students are introduced to the theory of Endocrine autonomic dysregulation of either the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system triggering functional disturbances in organs. The person may be clinically healthy but have problems like blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, menopause and premenstrual symptoms, dizziness, acidity and gastrointestinal stress, cold and clammy extremities.  Treatments also support regulation of emotional states such as anxiety, restlessness, mood alterations and depression.

Module 2:  The topic for this weekend is Toxic/Lymphatic disorders and all diseases related to focal toxicosis. Treatments are aimed at creating reaction in the Lymph to regulate acute or chronic inflammations, sudden or chronic pain in the spine, joints or organs, or the poisoning of the body by a focal point in the teeth, tonsils, sinus, ears or one of the lymph centers.

Module 3:  During the third weekend we work with disorders classified as Degenerative.  Here the body’s reactive ability is weakened and we encounter patterns that show signs of rigidity, stasis and loss of dynamism.  Examples of this syndrome are: rheumatism, cerebral irregularities, systemic diseases, hyperacidity, de-oxygenation, sleep irregularities that may disrupt cellular regeneration, phobias, fears and internal conflicts.  Therapies presented are for opening the Medulla, regulating the organs systems and clearing emotional conflicts and prenatal patterns. 

Modules 4-6: We present a series of relevant symptomatic therapies that are organized by Elemental patterns into the categories of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each element is further divided into Active, Neutral and Passive aspects. These are described via Bodily and Psychological correspondences, disease and pain tendencies.

Module 4: We begin with the Element Ether. Here Mandel is describing therapies to work with diseases such as progressive nervous system disorders which have therapy resistant aspects. Emphasis placed on unlocking background patterns via treatments such as Conflict Resolution and Prenatal therapies. On the physical level the intention is to activate the flow of energy/information in the body by opening the Enteric brain. This supports psycho–immunity by stimulating production of Serotonin, Dopamine and the Opiates. There are also treatments regulating the Mesenchyme and Neuroglia and supporting the stomach and intestines.

Later in the weekend we look at the Fire Element and patterns. For example, we will look at Active Fire for the brain, head, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth and sexuality. On the psychological level Active Fire is connected with loss of inner vision and over orientation to the outer world. The head opposes the gut. Beta brain waves predominate.  Neutral Fire is for disorders of the Heart like High and Low Blood pressure, circulation, eyes, neo cortex, blood and vital force. Passive Fire is for the hips, pelvis, lumbar spine, and digestive functions in regards to the metabolism and gastrointestinal complaints. Also problems with obesity related to overeating and allergies.

Module 5:  In this Module we teach treatments for the Earth and Air Elements.  Active Earth covers all parts of the Lymph of the head. Smell, neck, shoulders, tonsils, sense of taste, larynx, glands, mouth. Issues of untreated Focal Intoxication have relevance. Neutral Earth: the Large and Small Intestine, digestion in general, spleen and peritoneum. Diseases such as Irritable bowel syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s disease are discussed. Passive Earth: metabolic disturbances, toxic accumulation, mesenchymal debris accumulation, tendency toward stone formation, gout, pain due organ degeneration. Pain tendencies include Rheumatism and combinations for the bones and joints. In the Air Element we teach treatments to work with the consequences of Stroke, Lung diseases, Arthritis, and Systemic diseases.

Module 6:  We finish the Training with the Water Element. Chief therapeutic concerns are issues with the breasts and related hormonal issues, as well as work with Addiction. Also, poisonings due to recreational and medical drugs, and resulting physical and psychological damage. We conclude the Training with a Certification Test. When you pass the test, you will receive official certification as an Esogetic Colorpuncture Practitioner from the International Mandel Institute in Zurich, Switzerland.

Certification as Level I Practitioner allows you to practice this healing method professionally and use the trademarked name "Esogetic Colorpuncture” in your business advertising. It will also enable you to participate in advanced Esogetic Colorpuncture workshops and to participate in our referral network and Practitioner Support.