Several years ago Dr. Peter Mandel began to work with the idea of imprinting artificial crystals to work with sick people. Crystals have long been understood to carry specific information which they radiate and by which they interact with other living entities.

In recent years, silica crystals have been imprinted with information  which can be retrieved and used in a network. The nanotechnology revolution cannot be imagined without these crystal information  carriers. The Esogetic Crystals are cut in a particular pattern to act as a cellular interference to balance information that has become  disorganized.

The therapeutic crystals created by Swarovski company for Dr. Peter Mandel come in several sizes:

– the colored crystal activator, the black activator, and the clear activator

– the smaller gold, silver & soul spirit crystals and grey crystals

– and the tiny crystal tattoos for crystal puncture.

For example, you put the Activator crystal on the “Clock of Pain” on  the forehead as this is where the reflections of life and all distortions are stored. Mandel says from here we can create a “turning from the inside to the outside” which will bring distorted individual patterns into right order.

Learn many more crystal therapies in this Advanced Seminar. This seminar can only be attended by people who have attended the Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture workshop.