This is a 2-day workshop for professional healers and lay people interested in learning about Esogetic Colorpuncture. It will provide a thorough introduction to the theories of the work and will teach you specific treatments that you can begin to use for self-healing. A strong emphasis is placed on hands-on practice of treatments and personal experience of Colorpuncture therapies. 

Introductory Workshop students will learn basic theories and self healing treatments. The workshop includes training in methods for treating hormonal balance, lymph drainage, dream activation, learning problems, immune strengthening, spinal relaxation, de-stressing and more. There will be opportunities to give and receive light treatments. This class is open to everyone and is a prerequisite for the Esogetic Colorpuncture Professional Practitioner Certification Course, Energy Emission Analysis I, II, & III, the Crystals Seminar, the Tree of Life Crystals Seminar and the Transmitter Relay Seminar. The topics which will be addressed in this weekend include:

  • *Theories of color application balancing and latest research regarding the effects of light and color on the body and psyche.

  • *Overview of the Esogetic Colorpuncture healing system

  • *An introduction to the study of energetic stages of disease development using Kirlian Energy Emission Analysis

  • *Treatments to support the body in its hormonal balancing, detoxing (lymph drainage) and regeneration

  • *Dream Zone Therapy: stimulation of healing dream processes, the application of color and Esogetic Herb Oil

  • *Dr. Peter Mandel's Esogetic Model - a paradigm for bodymind healing

  • *Simple, home use Colorpuncture treatments to support the body's natural healing processes in regards to nervous system stress, colds & bronchitis, spinal relaxation, pain and headaches, immune strengthening, and learning problems

  • *Introduction to, and experience of Mandel's Esogetic Sound Therapies