Mandel wanted to transpose the energetic effects he had found in Colorpuncture into the area of sound. If natural harmonic oscillation triggers resonance in the body, then harmonious acoustic oscillation will too. Mandel also wanted to influence the energy flow in the body using the laws of musical vibration. Over the past 30 years, he has developed several types of sound therapies.

I. ColorSound Therapies:
These were the first sound treatments developed. Working with music therapists, Mandel created sequences of sound in frequency areas that correspond exactly to the respective color therapy spectrum. He took into account a) the human cell’s resonance response to certain frequencies and b) the energetic polarity of yin and yang — which he had found in complimentary colors — but now also found in complimentary sounds.

This unique development team literally translated specific color treatments into sound treatments — the same patterns of frequencies. A big breakthrough occurred when they found the conversion of complimentary color frequencies into sound frequencies. Each colorsound therapy is a specific therapy for specific symptoms. Structured similarly to the colorpuncture treatments, ColorSound Therapies are applied in the same sequences of sound. The advantage is that the listener is in a deep state of relaxation which “de-cramps” the brain. Sound treatments are well suited to home use and can be used to supplement the your colorpuncture treatments provided bya trained and certified Esogetic Colorpuncture practitioner.

The ColorSound Therapies work especially with the brain and the different parts of the coordination system. This is where the roots of information breakdown occur that later can lead to disease. ColorSound therapies are designed to create certain holographic patterns in the brain and to specifically effect different parts of Mandel’s “coordination system” as needed to resolve specific symptoms. For example, the migraine tape helps relax brain cramps and promote reduction of edema in the brain. It works especially on the pituitary, hypothalamus and corpus callosum.

The specific ColorSound CD Therapies are as follows:

1. Headaches and Migraine Therapy (Kopfschmerzen in German)
2. Psychosomatic Balancing/Stress Relief Therapy (Psychosomatischer Ausgleich)
3. Immune Strengthening Therapy (Aufbau Korpereigener Abwehr)
4. Insomnia and Sleep Therapy (Schlafstorungen)
5. Concentration Therapy (Konzentration)
6. Motivation Therapy (Motivation)
7. Wholeness: Body-Soul-Spirit Therapy (Ganzheit:Korper-Geist-Seele)

II. The Esogetic Soundscapes or Sound Patterns:
The ancient Celts used sounds (runes) to heal and call forth primordial vibrations and energy forms. The Esogetic Soundscapes are the next type of sound therapy that Mandel developed. They involve precise combinations of 72 notes in sequences that he discovered would effect each of the molecules of his “Esogetic Model of Healing” (see “Esogetics: The Sense & Nonsense of Sickness and Pain” by Peter Mandel). They were not chosen for aesthetic reasons but for exact mathematical reasons to create therapeutic reactions. the Esogetic Soundscapes work to bring the person in direct (experiencing) contact with the dimensions of the Esogetic Model and to connect consciousness with the body. They train the brain to collect color. They activate strong energy fields in the body. They bring each person to the sensations, colors, heat and visions needed for their healing process. They help put the mind aside, so the person can bring in more higher information. They are also diagnostic according to the reactions of the individual.

Similar to the “sound of life” in Indian Music, the person responds to certain key sounds that work like key words — effecting consciousness on the symbolic, visual and archetypal planes. The main emphasis in the Esogetic Soundscapes is in areas of expanding consciousness, new levels of experiencing and increased abilities of perception. There are nine Esogetic Soundscapes. One possibility is that they can be used in combination with the dream zone therapies (see Esogetic Herb Oil Instructions). In this case, the first four cd’s are listened to with treatment of the four basic dream zones on the leg and all nine cd’s are listened to in combination with treating Mandel’s nine advanced dream zones. Or, a specific cd or cd’s can be listened to on their own as needed. The specific Esogetic Soundscapes are as follows:

1. Equanimity-Polarity (Ausgeglichenheit-Polaritat): Helps the listener accept the ever-changing aspect of life, to let go of the old and accept the new, to find relaxation in the balance between being active and resting.

2. Regeneration -Fantasy & Fascination (Fantasie u Faszination): Furthers inner and outer processes related to innovation, renewal and re-orientation. Helps with starting a new era of life, with bodily regeneration, and creativity/ achievement.

3. Primary Power – Self Assuredness (Selbstsicherheit-Urgestalt u Urgewalt): Supports listener in finding the true center inside out of which we can find real happiness, truly live our life path and develop decisiveness and self-assuredness.

4. Vitality-Power of Life (Vitalitat-Sonnenkraft/Lebenskraft): Helps listener get in touch with new insights and develop strength and confidence to face life’s challenges successfully, as well as developing physical vitality.

5. To Form and To Thrive (Selfsterkenntnis-Gestalten u Gedelhen): Helps listener experience self as more than just the body, contact with greater spiritual forces which provide understanding of the inhibitions and blockages which hinder our lives and the understanding of how to overcome them.

6. Change- To Have and To Be (Veranderung – Haben u Sein): Creates the absolutely free uninterrupted flow of energy in the system which helps us to get free of bondages, negative thoughts and old patterns of behavior.

7. New Orientation – The Way and the Goal (Neuorientierung – Weg u Ziel): Supports finding your own meaning in life. Very helpful for overcoming depression, melancholy and resignation.

8. Harmony – The Beginning and the Completion (Harmonie – Beginn u Vollenden): Supports listener in successfully reaching his or her life goal and living a conscious, healthy and harmonic life as a result.

9. Fulfillment (Vollendung): This tape is a summary of the sound patterns 1-8 and processes the complete circle of sound themes in condensed form. It should only be listened to after working with tapes 1-8. Later can be used in combination with each of those individual tapes (eg., 1+9, 2+9, etc.)

III. Conflict Solution Sound Therapy:
Like Mandel’s conflict solution light treatments, these tapes help in resolving and clearing the old unresolved conflicts from early trauma which are imprinted in the deeper recesses of brain and which, if not dealt with, can eventually weaken the immune system and lead to disease. In general, listening to these cd’s will help the listener to confront and overcome personal conflicts in life. They can be used to address these issues whether the person is well or ill. This is a four cd series. The cd’s are numbered 1- 4 and should be listened to in order, one per day. If, at initial listening to one of these cd’s, you experience any discomfort, Mandel’s instruction is that you need to keep listening to that particular cd every day until you can listen to it without discomfort. When you can do this do, you proceed to the next cd. When you can listen to all four cd’s comfortably, then the recommended sequence for sound treatment is to listen eight days sequentially (#1-#4, then #1-#4 again); then take a four day
listening break and start the eight day sequence again.

General Instructions Regarding Use of the CD’s:
Each CD is recorded in two tracks – one for listening with headphones(kopfhorrer) and other for stereo listening (lautsprecher). This this is noted on the cd itself and you should only listen to the particular track that is recorded appropriately for your listening method. These CD’s are not recommended for use as background music, for example while driving in the car. They should be listened to while sitting or lying in a relaxed, quiet state. (Note: if you fall asleep while listening, the sound therapy will still have the desired effect). If you play these CD’s for a client, we recommend that you do not play them at the same time that you giving a colorpuncture
treatment, since this will be a double treatment and thus, too much treatment at one time. Rather, play the CD before or after your light treatment. Also, if you play them in your office while giving treatments of any kind, remember that you should only listen to them yourself once a day (perhaps use earphones for your clients!)

Finally, please note that these CD’s will loose their treatment effectiveness if uploaded onto a computer or other digital listening device. (this process can cause the erasure of certain high and low frequencies that are a part of the treatment).