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The Esogetic holistic therapies are created through extensive clinical research. Today there are over 200 protocols which work effectively alone or used with other Esogetic combinations. They can also be combined with other energetic modalities like acupuncture, massage or chiropractic treatments.


Balancing Through Pure Information

A central aspect of Esogetic Holistic Medicine is the use of colored light. Without light, cellular metabolism and communication among cells and cell conglomerates is not possible. Researchers at the Necker Institute in Paris are able to trace trajectories of light in the body that correlate the meridians of Chinese medicine. The body is a photovoltaic cell supplied with energy and information through light. 

In the body the pure vibrational energy of colored light triggers a variety of reactions to support cellular metabolism and a sustained harmonious regulation of the whole organism gently and painlessly.

In treatment, sensitive skin areas and points are stimulated with different therapeutic colors. Each color, including the spectral rods, shades of grey and soul spirit colors, is defined in terms of nanometers and each color has an exact frequency. The vibratory behavior of a single color frequency determines the content of information that is transmitted.

The body and the psyche are very closely connected and very often the therapy colors have nearly identical treatment indications for the psychological as well as somatic level. In the physical realm, for instance, green detoxifies, releases spasms and stimulates elimination. From the psychological perspective this color is calming and relaxing. By applying the light the physical complaint and the psychosomatic cause are regulated at the same time.

In the clinic the holistic analysis from the Energy Analysis or the Iris Analysis gives concrete clues as to which color therapies would be appropriate. The choice of color treatment areas and points is determined by the current type of regulatory disturbance and the energetic state.

Colorpuncture can be used in any disease either as an adjunct or as a single main therapy. It’s regulating effect also makes it an ideal measure for disease prevention.


In collaboration with Professor Fritz-Albert Popp, Peter Mandel has developed pain therapies which use incoherent infrared light with a scattered range of emission. This is in contrast with the more commonly used bundled coherent laser beam. According to Fritz Popp when incoherent IR penetrates the different tissue layers the tissue acts like filters, and the IR frequency becomes more bundled. When this bundled coherent beam finally reaches the pain area it can produce beneficial health reactions in seconds.  

The IR pen is calibrated at the border of visible and invisible light at 950 nanometers. According to Popp’s research that is the exact frequency of the cell nucleus. Using reflex areas, infrared affects not only pain but subconscious psychological irregularities as well.

In a study by Dr Kurt Saupp MD in the Pain Department in EV Hospital in Herne Peter Mandel’s IR therapy has been critically examined especially in severe cases of pain. Seventy percent of patients who were treated with the IR therapy experienced significant improvement. The placebo effect was zero percent. In comparison, a second test group was treated with medication. The therapeutic success was 35-40% and the placebo effect at 60% was extremely high.

For Peter Mandel, Ultraviolet therapy constitutes the opposing “outer pillar” at the edge of the visible spectrum. For Peter Mandel, UV light constitutes the mental pillar of light. Due to its frequency, UV light possesses a higher energy than visible light and an increased ability to penetrate deeply into matter. Through application on defined areas on the skin it can stimulate or organize deep causal places within the consciousness to dissolve and address disharmonies in the psyche.


Our brain oscillates in five different rhythms. The Beta Rhythm 14-30 Hz regulates wakefulness, concentration, alertness and fear. The Alpha Rhythm 7.5Hz -13 Hz gives us rest, relaxation, and a capacity to fall asleep. The Theta Rhythm 4-7Hz supports REM sleep, memory, creativity and intuition. It arises in light sleep and deep meditation. The Delta Rhythm 0.5-3.5Hz occurs in deep sleep and is important for regeneration, a healthy immune system and all healing processes. 

The Gamma wave 30-100Hz is seen by MRI studies to be predominant in the brains of long-term meditators. It is connected with peak performance, strong focus and transcendental states and may play a part in the phenomena of “spontaneous remission”.

Lifestyle pressures such as overwork, loss and unfinished business can affect a change in the brain rhythms. We become constantly on-alert and tensions become more chronic. A change in the brain rhythms is a precursor to a change in our well-being.

To work with these issues, Peter Mandel has created several Holistic Induction devices. The programs of the holistic induction therapy mirror to the brain its own harmonious rhythms and remind it of the original correct oscillatory behavior. The Thalamus, which is the part of the brain that monitors impressions coming from the outside (such as hearing, sight and sensation) and is considered the “gate of consciousness,” takes the electrical impulses which have been introduced through the skin. When it recognizes these impulses as system analogous ones which correspond to its own original rhythms, then it will catalyze the whole human organism to resonate and oscillate in the natural “normal” brainwave rhythm. Medical studies have shown that holistic induction therapy does not alter the characteristics of the brain waves themselves, but only affects their rhythmical behavior. Holistic induction therefore does not treat the brain, but treats like the brain “an induction of familiar impulses.”

This allows potentially blocked symptoms to return to normalcy and disease symptoms connected with specific information blockages can move towards resolution.


Peter Mandel has developed a highly sophisticated process to produce custom made faceted Crystals to help sick people. These pure crystals are enhanced by cut and are engraved with holographic patterns and various colors. 

The exact faceted cut of the crystal creates a reaction through the refraction of light that comes from the outside. If a disturbance or a disease appears anywhere in the organism then this sector emits wave compounds and changes the electro-magnetic potential of the area. If we construct an opposing wave using the reflective surface of the crystal, it creates an interference with the negative vibration and this positive interference erases the pathological reaction status. 

The treatment with the Crystals consists of two different approaches: the Crystal Activators, the Gold and Silver crystals, the Four Element crystals and the Grey Crystals are placed on specific areas of the skin. 

The Crystal Puncture uses small crystals that contain a hologram and these are attached to Ear points and other exactly defined areas of the skin.

In recent years Peter Mandel has also created a series of crystal discs which are embedded with sacred geometry. For example the Dream disc is an ancient symbol of a Pentagram overlaid with the Earth hologram and an outer band connected with the twelve zodiac signs. By uniting several traditional symbols it can be used to generate dreams or use other positions calm down pain.


In collaboration with the music researchers Korten and Helm, Peter Mandel has developed a way to translate therapeutic colors into tonal frequencies using mathematical formulas. These frequencies are conducted as information from the ears to the brain and then to the coordination systems of the body. 

There are three different applications of the Sound therapies:

The Color Sound therapies are designed as specific therapies for specific symptoms and are structured similarly to Colorpuncture treatments. They are designed for home use.

The nine Esogetic Soundscapes involve precise combinations of seventy-two note sequences to connect the consciousness with the body, and activate the senses and the energy fields in the body to stimulate healing. They are also diagnostic according to the reactions of the individual.

The Conflict Resolution sound therapies support a person to understand and release old patterns.


It has been understood for a long time that organic conditions and psychological problems make themselves known through musculature and skin. The skin is the carrier of information from the inside to the outside and vice versa. Therefore it makes sense to utilize the skin with it’s unfathomable ability to regulate the body. Using exactly defined skin areas the natural compounds of the twenty two ingredients of Esogetic herb oil stimulate the energy centers of the body. On the Dream zones they support dreaming and thus activate “emotional elimination processes.”