The I Ching Therapies Seminar

One of Peter Mandel’s therapeutic motives has been to transcend symptomatic medicine and to work with the deeper conflicts behind illness. He has said that disease is a symbol and that to be fully alive we need to understand and grasp our symbols. The I Ching is a powerful ancient system of symbolic wisdom useful for understanding the conflicts and resultant stasis of opposites that lie behind illness. Peter Mandel has connected the 64 Hexagrams to the 64 strands of the DNA.

The treatments in this class are used for therapy resistant illnesses and can also be used for anyone interested in making a deeper connection with themselves. By placing the I Ching symbols on the body we activate the inherent knowledge they contain of a coherent idea of the cosmos and we use the Grey Crystals to clear any blocks in reestablishing this connection. These treatments can also be used on children.

The Ophthalmic Genetic Therapies (OGT) Seminar

Our eye is the only sensory organ which from a diagnostic perspective has been largely mapped out. What had been missing so far was a system of treatment for the diagnostic signs seen through the Iris. Peter Mandel has created a series of treatments called the OGT which has changed that. These treatments can be used to regulate constitutional tendencies seen in the eyes to treat genetic tendencies towards physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Working with the Peter Mandel Synapsis Therapies

In this seminar you learn simple procedures for working with the Peter Mandel Brain Wave machines to support the body’s healing processes via brain wave impulses. These treatments are effective for many types of stress, insomnia, learning and cognitive disorders and different emotional conflicts.

Color Connective Tissue Massage and Back Segments Seminar

The Peter Mandel Puttkamer segments are based on the work of Joachim von Puttkamer and his book “Organ Manipulation Through Massage.” Puttkamer located these zones according to the work of therapists Head and Mc Kenzie. In this book he describes precisely positioned points and zones that are excellent reflections of the inner organs mirroring on the back. These segments offer a field of evaluation and also therapy. They are important in degenerative structures.

Peter Mandel’s Crystal Therapies: Introduction

Crystals have long been understood to carry specific information. They radiate this information, and through this, interact with living beings. Several years ago Peter Mandel began to work with the idea of imprinting custom made crystals to work with sick people. The crystals are cut in a particular pattern to act as a cellular interference to balance disorganized information. Opening these patterns make the treatment procedures easier for therapists as well as patients.

Treatments include balancing for the brain using the Gold and Silver crystals and to work with emotional and physical pain, sequences for wellbeing and balancing inner tension.

The Esogetic Foot Reflex Therapies

In Peter Mandel’s understanding the feet are important in the hierarchy of treatments as they bring the “fine” information into the body clearing physical and psychological reactions at the holographic level. These color zones are connected with understandings that come from the Norwegian School of Reflexology.

In the class you will learn complementary color zones on the feet, body, soul and spirit lines on the feet and the Five lines of the Foot: Endocrine, Toxic, Organs, CNS and Joint lines.

Therapies for Death and Dying

In our lifetimes we all lose loved ones and being present at the time of an important person’s death is a great privilege. There are Colorpuncture therapies which can be used at this time which provide powerful support for this transition process by helping the client to let go without fear.

The Joint Symbol Therapies

According to Peter Mandel each joint has a symbolic and psycho-spiritual meaning. Working with this understanding when treating musculo-skeletal pain gives therapists a way to find a deeper resolution of the symptoms.


Addiction Webinar

There are several elements that need to be examined when you are tackling the complex patterns of Addiction and the research for pathways to resolve this issue. We need to define what Addiction is, look at theories which may explain its cause and understand the neurological consequences connected with Addiction and habitual relapse. The therapies included in this webinar are not only understood in relation to the treatment of Addiction but are also special options for treating blockages of the individual by creating a reaction/solution. In this way we can deal with the background of addiction.

Burnout Therapies

In the book, “The High Cost of Achievement” by Freudenberger and Richelson the twelve steps to Burnout are outlined. It begins with a compulsion to prove oneself and neglecting one’s own needs, and leads to full-fledged burnout and physical symptoms. In this webinar you will learn therapies for working with these issues of self-love and self-valuing and also for the physical symptoms of burnout.

Sleep and Dreams Webinar

Sleep and dreams have enemies including alcohol, medication, stimulants, and some antidepressants which decrease dream time. People who don’t dream sufficiently or remember their dreams behave in the day with increased irritation, aggression, and lack of concentration. Failures of memory occur and creative thinking decreases. In this webinar we look at ways to work with the hormonal background associated with the development of sleep disorders.

Pain Therapies Webinar: A Three Part Series

The experience of pain is a very personal one. In California at UCSF experiments were done in which people were given small electric shocks to their legs with heat. Some people were given a 20% strength of the charge and registered a ten pain experience and some people who were given a 40% strength charge registered a pain experience of five. In this three part webinar series we will look at three main series of Colorpuncture therapies that can be used or evaluated and treated for pain conditions: the Holographic level, the Lymph level and the emotional level related to memory re-traumatization and the Amygdala.

Grey Crystal Therapies Webinar

The Grey crystals are used in the case of therapy resistant clients and chronic illnesses. The crystals used in this webinar are the Gold and Silver crystals, the three Grey crystals and the Four Element crystals. Via the mathematical effects of the sacred geometry of the crystals we affect the holographic level of our being and healing reactions are triggered.

Cosmetic Colorpuncture Therapies

In this one- day webinar you will learn Colorpuncture Cosmetic therapies for working with cosmetic issues such as wrinkles and cellulite. You will also learn the Colorpuncture Face mask and therapies for the Lungs—which rule the skin—which works on the regulation of the whole body.

Colorpuncture for Children

Colorpuncture is an excellent non-threatening and non-invasive therapy for children. Children react faster to Colorpuncture because they have less defensive energetic strategies and symptoms often clear up quickly.


These classes are designed for lay people who are interested in using Colorpuncture for self-treatment or for treatment with family members.

There are Lay practitioners who have been by the Esogetics USA Institute. They work independently and are able to share this material in small classes.

Please see the Practitioner area for Lay Class instructor contact information.

Sponsoring A Workshop in Your Area

If you are interested in learning more about Esogetic Colorpuncture and would like to sponsor or promote a workshop in your area please contact us.