Infrared and Ultraviolet Light Pen Combo Set

Infrared and Ultraviolet Light Pen Combo Set


Combination set of hand-held IR and UV tools.

The IR 950 emits infrared light, calibrated at precisely 950 nanometers. IR light is used particularly in the Esogetic system for treatment of pain.

UV 370 emits ultraviolet light, calibrated precisely at 370 nanometers. UV light is used in Esogetic Colorpuncture to address the information “background” of pain and ill health. It assists the flow of spirit information in the body.

Note: Unlike other less expensive IR and UV tools on the market that use poorer quality plastic diodes, the IR 950 and the UV 370 uses a high quality glass diode embedded in a special metal socket. This guarantees the reliability of the IR and UV frequencies in your treatments.

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