Wholeness Spirit, Body, Soul

Wholeness Spirit, Body, Soul


Translations of Mandel’s color frequency patterns in this 3 CD Set.

CD 1 “Spirit”

Effect on the Thalamus. This organ of the brain controls all the senses and is considered the gateway to consciousness, because it switches to the charms of the inner and outer world to the cerebral cortex. Any irritation of the Thalamus function pulls a shift in perception and consciousness to itself. The regulation and activation of the thalamus is therefore for the awareness and consciousness of the utmost importance.The frequencies used in this CD have a regulating and activating effect. 

CD 2 “Body”

Improves cell communication to enhance the vital exchange of information between the individual cells of our body. At the same time it affects the cell environment and promotes elimination and detoxification. Due to the reduced load of the body from toxins, the cells become more receptive to the information that is based on the bio-communication. When we consider that a change in vibration behavior is tantamount to changing or even correcting wrong cellular information, clearly it is important to care of our body cells for health. 

CD 3 “Soul”

Addresses the psychological and emotional state of the person. It regulates and activates the functions of the hypothalamus, which is considered the “supreme authority” of the hormonal system. The hypothalamus controls all hormonal and autonomic processes and regulates the internal environment of the body. The third CD of the whole series was assigned to the soul portion because optimal hypothalamic functions are equivalent to internal stability and more vitality.

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