Professional Synapsis Wave 2

Professional Synapsis Wave 2


The Mandel Institute has recently introduced a new and improved version of the Professional Wave Synapsis machine. This machine is designed for use in a professional practice and is more durable than the portable Home Synapsis. This new model comes with a minimum of six programs for the cost of $1220.00 plus shipping and handling. You can add additional programs for various prices:

1 extra program for $90.00

10 extra programs for a 10% discount

15 extra programs for a 15% discount

The Synapse Wave with 19 programs is currently selling at 42% discount for $1800.00

You can also purchase the machine with all 24 programs for the cost of $2200.00 plus shipping and handling.

The Wave 2 is equipped with two ports or plug insertions to enable the use of the new Adaptor which allows application of induction frequencies to four reflex zones at once.

Peter has also created two new programs: Point Combi and Gamma Point that are for use with the new Adaptor. A pamphlet for these programs is under Instructional brochures in the Shop.

Please note: Due to the fact that the purchaser will need to select the programs for their machine personally you cannot place this order online.

Please call 415 8463758 or email: to get support in selecting your programs.

List of induction programs available for Wave or Home Synapsis Units

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