Dream Therapies Set of 9

Dream Therapies Set of 9


Translations of Mandel’s color frequency patterns available on CD. The Esogetic Sound Pattern therapies have powerful effects on consciousness and dreaming.

#1 Polarity (Balance)

#2 Fantasy and Fascination (Regeneration)

#3 Primary Power (Self-Confidence)

#4 Power of Life (Vitality)

#5 To Form & To Thrive (Self-Knowledge)

#6 To Have & To Be (Change)

#7 The Way & The Goal (New Orientation)

#8 Beginnings & Endings (Harmony)

#9 Fulfillment (Completion)


It is important not to save or copy the CD’s onto a computer or MP3 player. Doing so reduces the data volume and important signals to only 10%, especially signals in imperceptible frequency ranges will be lost.

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