Esogetic Conflict Resolution Set

Esogetic Conflict Resolution Set


This 4 CD set is based on the Conflict Resolution Therapy by Peter Mandel. Color vibrations are directed to the brain according to the corresponding sound structure.

#1 Remembrance – Cone of Memory

#2 Dissolving Blockages

#3 Letting Go

#4 Increasing Energy

All four Conflict Resolution Sound Therapies build upon each other. This is because conflict blocks cannot be resolved before we remember the causes (this occurs in the subconscious, at the place where the conflicts have concealed themselves). We can also only let go, once we have brought about a solution; and ultimately the increasing of energy is only then possible, when we recall the conflicts or illness-inducing patterns in the depths of our consciousness, when we recognize, solve, and let go of the corresponding blockage.  For this reason one should always listen to the four Sound Therapies in the intended sequence and in combination with one another.

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